Oral Copper Tongue Scraper


For centuries, Ayurveda has championed the time-honored practice of tongue cleaning as a gateway to exceptional oral health. Rooted in the profound belief that oral well-being is intricately entwined with our overall vitality, Ayurveda unveils the tongue’s hidden significance. In this ancient wisdom, the tongue is unveiled as a pivotal organ in digestion and a mirror that reflects the intricate balance of one’s internal health.


Embracing tools like copper tongue scrapers becomes the key to vanquishing the nocturnal buildup of harmful toxins and the elusive “ama.” By purging these impurities, a symphony of benefits unfolds: a harmonized digestive system, heightened taste perception, and the gift of a perpetually fresh breath. Ayurveda’s devotion to tongue cleaning gracefully bridges the gap between time-honored traditions and the contemporary understanding that oral health is the cornerstone of our holistic vitality.


Unlock the timeless secret of tongue cleaning for comprehensive oral care. Embrace the wisdom of the ancients by making tongue cleaning an essential part of your dental care routine.


Copper, renowned for its abundant ionic properties, is a natural guardian against harmful bacteria. The copper tongue scraper harnesses this power to ensure your mouth stays fresh and clean without any need for chemicals or the worry of side effects.

This exceptional tongue cleaner boasts a substantial weight that guarantees safety and gentleness during use. Its well-designed arc effortlessly covers a wider area of your tongue with each stroke. The cylindrical handles offer a superior grip and enhanced control, allowing you to reach the back of your tongue without the discomfort of gagging.

Incorporate the tongue cleaner into your daily morning ritual. It is just as important as brushing your teeth.

Easy Maintenance

It’s easy to keep your copper tongue scraper in pristine condition. Remember to clean it before and after each use to maintain its hygiene.


Please note that, over time, the bright finish may tarnish, but rest assured, the core properties of pure copper remain unchanged. Simply clean it with a cotton swab dipped in lime juice to restore its shine, or rub it with a lemon wedge.

Tongue Cleaning for Children Ages 8 and Older

When introducing the practice of tongue cleaning to children aged 8 and above, it is important to do so under adult supervision. It’s essential that they understand the correct technique and exercise gentle pressure to avoid discomfort or injury.

Prioritize Personal Hygiene

We want to stress the significance of maintaining personal hygiene. Please refrain from sharing your tongue cleaner with others, as this helps ensure the highest level of cleanliness and oral health.

Why Choose Oral Copper Tongue Scraper?

  • Experience the luxury of oral hygiene in its purest form.
  • Harness the natural antibacterial properties of copper.
  • Enjoy a comfortable and effective tongue-cleaning process.
  • Say goodbye to chemicals and side effects.
  • Achieve a fresh, clean mouth with ease.


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