Pravina Narayan

Pravina Narayan


Pravina is a visionary, humanitarian, and natural wellness advocate who founded Vaidya Ayurveda. Born into an Indian family and culture, she absorbed the Ayurveda lifestyle from an early age. Her passion for primitive wisdom and Mother Earth's natural gifts is the driving force behind her life's purpose to support others' wellbeing.

With a desire to create harmony, balance, and fulfillment in people's lives, Pravina is devoted to uplifting Ayurveda medicine and incorporating therapeutic formulations of natural herbs into western plant-based medicine. She takes great pride in helping others achieve genuine happiness and health with the support of her warm-hearted and passionate team of healers and doctors.

Pravina's team of healers and Ayurveda doctors have already formulated products such as their Ayurvedic Immunity Tea for Respiratory Support, Ayurvedic Digestive Tea for Restoring Balance to the Digestive System, and their line of Divine Essential Oils helping with chronic pain, anxiety, sinus issues, sleep, immunity, and natural energy. She is excited to let her growing community know that Vaidya Ayurveda is just getting started. Pravina is on a path to creating a community of healers, services, and products.

In addition to her work with Vaidya Ayurveda and Impact Wellness, Pravina is also involved with various non-profit organizations, including the PKD Foundation, The Great American No Bull Challenge, Single Mom Planet, Jem's Life 4 ASPS, and many others. Join Pravina and her growing community at Vaidya Ayurveda to experience the healing power of Ayurveda and natural wellness as they continue to make a positive impact on people's lives and well-being.