Michael Andrew Jones

Michael Jones


“Make TODAY the best day of the rest of your life. Don’t just choose to go out into the world and BE GOOD; go out into the world and DO GOOD.”

Michael Jones is a leading holistic healing Soulpreneur whose sole mission is to help others live healthy, natural, prospering lives. He is the Founder of Hemp Life Global, Co-Founder of Impact Wellness. He works diligently with his Ph.D. Ayurveda doctors, and Formulation Specialists of natural medicine, Pravina Narayan, deliver nothing but the most effective cutting-edge, all-natural, plant-based medicinal products that produce natural healing and happiness.

Born and raised in a holistic family that founded four of the largest indoor plant companies in Silicon Valley to detoxify indoor air, even collaborating with the NASA Clean Air Study at NASA's Ames Research Center, Michael decided to follow his mother's horticulturist, holistic-centric footsteps and entered into the holistic wellness field. After graduating high school, he went on to earn his master's certification in massage therapy at Just For Your Health and Palmer College of Chiropractic-West, later advancing in Reiki to become specialized as an energy healer. In addition to this, Michael also studied Child Psychology and Brain Development at Stratford University, even teaching parenting classes at the YMCA before advancing to the Lead Facilitator to guide others to become parenting teachers through the YWCA parenting empowerment program.

Through his devotion in fore fronting the power of Mother Earth's innovations, he has helped create numerous natural medicine formulations, many of which are being used in private doctor practices, cancer treatment facilities, wellness centers, dental offices, and hospice care. Furthermore, he has worked directly with professional athletes, helping them regain physical and mental health through all-natural custom plant-based medicine.

Nothing makes Michael happier than being a valuable resource to the planet, leveraging his abilities and expertise to provide deep physical, mental, and soul-healing products that help people thrive in all aspects of their lives. Michael has proven himself a respected leader in his field and a true healer at heart, between his passion, professionalism, and aspirations to give humanity the natural tools to develop mind and body awareness.

Areas of Study

Chinese Herbal Therapy
Western Anatomy
Eastern Anatomy
Tia Chi Chuan
Anatomy and Physiology


American Kratom Association
Voter Accusations Specialist for California Psilocybin Decriminalization Initiative

Non-Profit Organization Relationships

HARC Foundation in LA (Board of Directors)
Stanford Blood Center
PKD Foundation
Single Mom Planet
The Great American NO BULL
Jem’s Life for ASPS
ALS Foundation
Feeding America
The Spark Documentary
The Shoe Crew
Teens Helping Teens